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In a similar way, the Tangier Island speech can be traced back to its settlement hundreds of years ago, demonstrating the influence of settlement patterns in the development American tongues film commentary essay a dialect.

In fact, these dialects may serve some very important positive functions within a community. With the rise of AIDS became a prevalent issue in the 90s, especially within homosexual and African American communities, he speaks of the similarities between black history and AIDS, an aversive fight but still alive.

Each person must weigh the consequences of different dialects and make choices about appropriate dialect usage on that basis. America's nicest nice guy give or take the odd psycho-killer role had actually transformed himself into a foul-mouthed, virulently racist skinhead. Are there any disadvantages to speaking standard English in certain contexts?

There are many regional accents, such as Northeast accent, Chengdu accent and Cantonese accent. Regional accents are very common and acceptable for Chinese people in mainland China.

What are some of the positive reasons for using a local dialect? By using Standard English towards her professional life, this shows that she knows that people will judge you by the way you speak.

The Ellen James Society, which regards Jenny Fields as its heroine, represents an extreme brand of hatred toward men that ultimately leads to Garp's death. This shows that the woman thinks that both forms of dialect are useful depending on the situation. When you travel someplace outside of the region is there anything in particular people notice about your speech?

However, in the U. Many reviewers have commented on the effectiveness of the tragi-comic aspects of the novel, lauding how Irving portrays humor and joy as inseparable from violence and suffering.

Her reply was that she uses both types of dialects during different times of her life. These differences can occur not only in pronunciation, but also in grammar, vocabulary, and conversational style. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

The Life and Art of T. However, there are also some attitudes about vernacular dialects that are positive, and reinforce the local usage. After graduation, Garp decides to move to Vienna, Austria, to gain the life experience he needs to become a novelist.

The family travels to Dog's Head Harbor to recuperate and Garp and Helen are able to reconcile their marital problems.American Tongues Reflective - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

American Tongues There are a few scenes in the film where people share what they think about using certain dialects. In one scene, there is an African-American woman who is interviewed and asked whether she uses a vernacular dialect or a standard form of English in her everyday life.

American Tongues

American Tongues is an interesting documentary that chronicles and demonstrates the different varieties of spoken English in the United States.

It portrays some of the regional, social, and ethnic differences in American speech and presents various attitudes that people have about these differences /5(11). Film Response #1 “American Tongues” Synopsis: The video American Tongues is a documentary, illustrating the aspects of geographical linguistics within the United States.

American Tongues Film Commentary Essay Sample

A dialect or an accent means the words we use and how we pronounce them, and in this case the language is American English. An Analysis of the Film "American Tongues" Discussing Different Accents and Dialects in the United States PAGES 2. WORDS View Full Essay. More essays like this: american tongues, english accents.

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American tongues film commentary essay
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