Blue ocean strategy summary

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Blue Ocean Strategy highlights the importance of procedural justice — people care as much about the fairness of the process as they do about the ultimate Blue ocean strategy summary.

Other alternatives will have different forms and function, but the same objective. To enhance the customer experience, Starbucks changed the furnishings in their stores, creating a comfortable environment that persuades their customers to spend more time in store.

They focus on dividing up the red ocean, where growth is increasingly limited. Prepare them for change and allow changes in roles to the extent possible. The Four Actions Framework is used to help create value innovation and break the value-cost trade-off. The new chapters in the expanded edition of the book deal with the issues of how to develop and align the three strategy propositions of value, profit and people, how to sustain and renew blue ocean strategy at both the business level and the corporate level, and how to avoid red ocean traps that keep organizations anchored in existing market space even as they attempt to create new market space.

Blue ocean strategy is about defining a new value curve that creates more customer value at lower cost.

One estimate awhile ago suggested there were 10 million species. Convenience In which stage are the biggest blocks to convenience? The Wave Dancer may operate around the most remote inhabited island on Earth, but there's no denying this vessel has impacted many people's lives including the residents of Tristan da Cunha, visiting scientists and even passing crew.

Over time, the super arm will evolve back into a regular arm because the rest of the body cannot support its enhanced capabilities.

Best Book Summary + PDF: Blue Ocean Strategy

Chain-link logic also can have a positive aspect: Value innovation is necessarily the alignment of innovation with utility, price and cost positions. If you win over the kingpins, the people they influence will come aboard too.

Blue Ocean Strategy

Defensive Barriers A strong blue ocean strategy is difficult for other companies to imitate and execute well. Furthermore, its complexity actually impeded customer value, making setup and training more difficult.

In the red oceans, industry boundaries are defined and accepted, and the competitive rules of the game are known. InNintendo released the Wiiwhich used unique motion controls. Hell, James Cameron, a filmmaker, traveled down 7 miles into deepest submarine canyon on Earth.

Trouble is, their slow-but-steady reproductive strategy makes them highly vulnerable to overfishing. Identifying and leveraging your competitive advantages are the first steps in strategizing.

The third and final part describes the two key implementation principles of blue ocean strategy including tipping point leadership and fair process.

Political Hurdle Organizations have internal battles to get things done. But it failed to align its external partners — record labels — with its strategy, believing that a successful service would solve its own problems.

In reality, the biggest unknown about the ocean is just how much of the dazzling array of biodiversity within in it will be left for me to show my grandchildren. After two hours of driving, with little legroom up front and Bratton struggling with his police gear, the manager conceded.

He proposed that a combination of differentiation and low cost might be necessary for firms to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

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It appears to have done it on its own. Blue ocean strategy are low-cost strategies that price low. In it introduced the iPod and in it introduced the iTunes Music Store, together considerably growing the market for digital music through convenience and branding.

This led this person, for reasons that every other scientist on the planet cannot fathom, to say that there were giant cephalopods that not only dominated the Triassic seas, they were so smart that they made self-portraits.

These steps should create the momentum your firm needs to succeed. Secure a consigliere on your team This is a respected senior insider who knows how things work and can navigate land mines.

Atlantic halibut can live in excess of 50 years, with females growing faster and larger than males. Peter has been there since the arrival of the Agulhas and Ben joined him when the Agulhas departed. Bratton invited his general manager for a tour of his squad, picking him up in one of the smaller cars.USS Blue Ridge (LCC) is the lead ship of the two Blue Ridge-class amphibious command ships of the United States Navy, and is the command ship of the United States Seventh primary role is to provide command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence (C4I) support to the commander and staff of the United States Seventh Fleet.

Appendix A: Three Industries with Blue Ocean Creation. This is a good time in this Blue Ocean Strategy summary to cover 3 industries with repeated blue ocean creation. Automobile Industry. In the s, the horse and buggy was the primary mode of transportation. Full explanation of this strategic framework, where and how it can be used.

Includes links to more management models, strategy methods and organizational theories. Blue Ocean strategy in practice "Just think of its initial blue ocean shift in book retailing that separated it from the pack with its offering of the largest selection of books in the world.

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Ocean acidification threatens our way of life, the livelihood of people and communities, and the iconic natural system which defines so much of who we are as a state and region. We know the risk and can no longer wait to act.

The GE matrix / McKinsey matrix (MKM) is a model to perform a business portfolio analysis on the Strategic Business Units of a corporation. A business portfolio is the collection of Strategic Business Units that make up a corporation.

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The optimal business portfolio is one that fits perfectly to the company's strengths and helps to exploit the most attractive industries or markets.

Blue ocean strategy summary
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