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Why dont we go to Monschau? For the attack, the U. He was forever grateful that his mother got the recognition she deserved.

Elisabeth and Fritz were alone in the cabin. A boy with a gunshot wound, fighting for his life. Fritz and his parents survived the war. Exposure to the extreme cold caused as many casualties as the fighting, which continued into January of The Germans lost about half that number. Although Fritz and his mother were German, they invited the young men inside to warm by their fire and share dinner.

Outside, like phantoms against the snowclad trees, stood two steel-helmeted men. Elisabeth blew out the candles and opened the door to find two enemy American soldiers standing at the door and a third lying in the snow.

Provencher took one last look back as they left. Jim raises hand To Jim Please help in cooking dinner while your friend and I tend to your friend. There stood four soldiers, wearing uniforms quite familiar to me after five years of war.

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For years he tried to locate any of the German or American soldiers without luck, hoping to corroborate the story and see how they had fared.

Everyone else had oatmeal. After a brief conversation, their unit leader appeared and greeted us in German.

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He had a bullet through his upper leg, and had almost bled to death. The hospital train limped along the trail.

Truce In The Forest by Fritz Vincken

Understandably, there was a lot of fear and tension in the cabin as the Germans and Americans eyed each other warily, but the warmth and smell of roast Hermann and potatoes began to take the edge off.

Gunfights and Killings Narration: Hermann would serve an immediate, pressing purpose. The Americans were surprised and kept us under close guard. Mother stood silent, motionless, her hand on my shoulder. Then, on Christmas Eve, they came upon a small cabin in the woods.

Then Mother put an end to indecision. There stood four soldiers wearing uniforms quite familiar to me after five years of war. So she let them in, directing her son to fetch some extra food items for the table while the men made their wounded comrade as comfortable as possible on the bed.

Generals on both sides, determined to prevent fraternization in future, saw to it that such activities would be severely punished and so there were no more Christmas truces the rest of that war or the next. Now, as Germans and Americans tensely rubbed elbows in the small room, Mother was really on her mettle.

Harry, the wounded one, was now sleeping on my bed, his face as white as the snow outside. Soon, the tempting smell of roast chicken permeated our room. Mother stood silent, motionless, her hand on my shoulder.

None of them understood German. The tensions of this uneasy truce began to ease as this unlikely group shared a meal. There was a knock on the door, and when Fritz answered it, he found three lost, cold American GIs on the doorstep, one of them seriously wounded.

We heard the incessant booming of field guns; planes soared continuously overhead; at night, searchlights stabbed through the darkness.

The Germans retaliated against the Americans with a relentless artillery barrage. Provencher managed to deceive him into thinking that the German high command had authorized the GIs safe passage through the lines to an American aid station. A boy with a gunshot wound, fighting for his life.This is a feel good story from WW2, that shows that while countries may be at war, men can still find a moment to be civil to each other.

Its the first in a series of feel good stories that I plan to do with my Lets Talk History series. Weve all heard stories of the Christmas Truce during World W. Fritz Vincken, a young boy, was spending Christmas with his mother in a cold shack in the Belgian Forest.

Allied troops had invaded Normandy the previous summer, and. Summary: There was a lone mother and her twelve year old son, were hiding in a little cottage in the forest near the German-Belgian border.

While they are preparing for.

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I decided to work on a translation of the original Sound of Music or 'Die Trapp Familie". It was a surprise to find that this movie existed, and that it was. "Truce in the Forest" by Fritz Vincken. Fritz as a boy. When we heard the knock on our door that Christmas Eve inneither Mother nor I had the slightest inkling of.

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Keywords truce in the forest fritz vincken
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